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Archimedes Rotorcraft & V/STOL Museum

History is made every day!

These are Friends and associates to Archimedes Rotorcraft & V/STOL Museum.
Please visit them.

Popular Rotorcraft Association

    PRA was founded in 1962 by Dr. Igor B Bensen, the inventor of the famous Bensen Gyrocopter. Since then it has grown to include rotorcraft of all sorts with members in over 80 countries. We are a group of people who love homebuilt rotorcraft--gyroplanes and helicopters that they build and fly themselves. These rotorcraft enthusiasts get together to exchange ideas, information, help one another, promote safety and help with flight training.
    Members of PRA receive the magazine Rotorcraft, the official PRA publication - widely considered to be the best source of information about rotorcraft. Rotorcraft is the only major magazine devoted exclusively to homebuilt rotorcraft.
Bensen B-8M Gyrocopter
    PRA holds an annual International Convention. This a time to gather and exchange information and see what is new in the world of rotary-winged aviation. This event is typically the largest gathering of homebuilt rotorcraft in the world. It has exhibits, flight demonstrations, contests, commercial exhibits, great food, forums on rotorcraft topics, and unlimited fun! The 2021 PRA International Convention will be held in Mentone, Indiana at PRA Mentone Airport July 13 - 17, 2021. There are also many other events sanctioned by PRA and its local chapters.

    Visit PRA by going to: http://www.pra.org -or- click HERE

Bell Aircraft Museum

    The Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum is located in the birthplace of Mr. Bell - Mentone, Indiana.
Bell Aircraft Museum
    Visit the Bell Museum by going to: http://www.bellaircraftmuseum.org/ -or- click HERE

American Helicopter Society

American Helicopter Society

    The American Helicopter Society (AHS) International (now VFS - Vertical Flight Society) is the world's premier professional vertical flight society.
      Since its inception in 1944, AHS has been a major force in the advancement of a global rotorcraft industry, marked by rapid technical developments, expanding military capabilities, and commercial applications.
      The strength of AHS, as a professional and technical society, is its diverse international professional and corporate membership. The aim of the society is not only to emphasize and further engineering excellence in traditional rotorcraft platform disciplines, but also expand this focus to the multidisciplinary fields of vertical flight and related support industries.
      For information on becoming an AHS member visit their website at: http://www.vtol.org -or- click HERE

Wolf Aviation Foundation

Wolf Aviation Foundation

    The Alfred L. and Constance C. Wolf Aviation Fund was created to help individuals work together in support of general aviation.
    Their web site contains many documents, lists of resources, instructions for grants, and useful links to other sites. All this information is intended to help aviators, aviation groups, and others improve the state of the art in general aviation and also to tell their stories so the public can gain a wider understanding of this important activity.

    Mission Statement:
      "The Foundation shall promote and support the advancement of personal air transportation by seeking and funding the most promising individuals and worthy projects which advance the field of general aviation; by increasing the public's knowledge of aviation through publications, seminars, and other information media; by informing the aviation and scientific community of the existence and purpose of the Fund; and by soliciting and receiving feedback concerning Foundation-supported projects."

      The Wolf Aviation Fund was established in the wills of Alfred L. and Constance C. Wolf. Its activities are supervised by a board of trustees, aided by a council of advisors and a team of consultants. The Mission Statement states overall policies, and its origin can be found in the lives of the Founders as shown in the biographical sketch available on their site.
      Visit the Wolf Aviation site at: http://www.wolf-aviation.org -or- click HERE