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Archimedes Rotorcraft & V/STOL Museum


Rotorcraft & V/STOL Museum

has received some new machines and other displays. The most notable of these are the Camuzzi 2 place Dominator and the Klockner modified Bensen originally built in 1959.

Our best change to our site is that we can accept Donations directly. Please help us preserve the history of Rotorcraft. We have also initiated a Building Fund! We are trying to generate $1,000,000 to construct a proper building with heat and air conditioning. This would allow us to bring our Archives out of storage elsewhere and produce more displays.

Enclosed here are some pictures of our crowded Museum

    The museum needs a larger building with a HVAC system to control the temperature and humidity which is vital to preserving the machines, photos and documents.
    We ask for help help in acquiring such. There is a plethora of possible projects which all take funding. Please help preserve and protect the history of Rotorcraft by donating today. We have also set up a "Go Fund Me" page to this purpose.